Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Inspiration Board

How cozy is this room?

Ok. I love these so much!

Such a nice idea for a birthday cake...
I would totally carry these macaron rings by Kiel Mead in my store but they are $300 dollars!

I love everything about this banner! Such a simple idea but so pretty!

I have been in very good mood lately - maybe it is all these beautiful things I have been stumbling upon. Hope your week goes well! xo


  1. Hi there Sarah!

    Fantastic store and I love your blog. I'm still waiting for a moment to come in and shop. Any chance I will find your "Touched by Derrida" line this winter? Remember, hooded sweatshirt!

    Melissa Carroll

  2. Hi Melissa!

    OMG i forgot about that - I should totally do that! Looking forward to seeing you :)