Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Inspriation Board

Ahhh! I love these shoes! I want to attach these cherries to every pair of shoe I find!

 I love this Mexican Print - so colourful and fun!

 I want a backyard like this.

 Glasses A La Mad Men.

Why aren't more houses this festive?!

I have been thinking a lot about colour and decorating. I have been roaming The Selby for lots of Brazilian home decorating photos and keep seeing so much colour used in so many daring ways. It makes me wonder why we aren't that fearless here? Is it the heat? Wouldn't we be so much more happy if our living room was turquoise and pink rather than taupe and grey? Anyways...just a thought. This weeks Art Crawl was insane once again it keeps getting better and better. Also my mom just got back from Paris and brought me beautiful clothes to sell at the store so excited!!! Have an awesome week everyone!

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