Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Designer Madness @ H&S

 I am kind of a sucker for designer goods. I don't know if its the quality or the name, I just know that I absolutely love designer clothing. That said, I would never compromise on taste or style. I have passed up on a ton of designer goods that just didn't cut it. So at least I know I have some standards and sanity. When I opened Hawk & Sparrow I had dreamed about having a lot of designer clothing but it proved to be hard to find and when I did find some the price was too high for resale. Slowly but surely I have ended up with a small collection of designer clothes and accessories at the store. Here are some of the pieces from the designer collection here at Hawk & Sparrow.

 Liz Claiborne Brown Leather Mini Purse, $35.00.

 Brown Leather Roots Backpack, $65.00.

 Bebe Leather & Wool Jacket, $150.00.

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