Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Inspiration Board

 I find this woman so beautiful...

 I have such an addiction to anything flats and patterns....

 I just want an iphone for the variety of cool cases (I can't justify buying one for that reason alone)


 Wicked Opening Ceremony Necklace. 

Pamela Love Ring (Love her designs!)

Ever since I opened the store it has been one major learning experience after the other. It almost feels like before the store I was in the same place for years. Now I feel like I am in a new place every week.  This past weekend was my birthday and although it was enjoyable - it was not without another major learning. Probably the biggest. In a way it was a kind of birthday gift that I was given the chance to deal with it. I guess that is a good way to look at certain struggles. Not as a pain but as an opportunity to improve. I hope this helps! Have a great week :)

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