Friday, January 30, 2015

Lucky 11:11

I know it's been too long since I have posted on this blog. Shame on me ;) I'm not going to promise to write more cause that might be a lie so I will just post or not post. Enough of that. I wanted to introduce you guys to the newest addition to Hawk & Sparrow Shop 11:11 Vintage.

Owner Maya, is a close friend of mine, and has set up a couple of racks at the store. You can find everything in her online store in H&S plus more. Maya is one of those girls who genuinely doesn't give a damn but always looks chic and effortless.....

I first met Maya as a customer in my store and immediately asked her to model for my online store. We have been friends since despite the age difference (which I've never cared for so I don't know why I wrote that haha). I often am the odd one out but around Maya I feel a little less odd ;)....

On that note come check out her awesome wares and check out her tumblr too - there are a lot of fun images like the ones below! 
Look at those heels! Wowza!


  1. Short but sweet! Awesome blog post Sarah, and also Maya is a gorgeous model.

    1. Thanks Christina!!! You're right she is!!! I love getting comments on my blog haha! Miss you!!!