Friday, January 6, 2012

Cuff Links and Tie Clips

1970s Black and Silver Stork Cuff Links - Perfect gift for a New Dad!

1960s Silver and Blue Stone Tie Clip - Perfect for skinny ties!

1960s Silver and Black Stone Tie Clip - Also perfect for Skinny Ties!

This Christmas, while visiting my parents at their place in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, I checked out a really cool antique shop called The Pomegranate. It was jammed pack with every possible piece of antique furniture imaginable. I had to bend my head at times. I am always on the search for good tie clips and cuff links and so I asked the owner and she pulled out boxes and boxes of them. Needless to say I left with a pretty bad neck pain after crouching in a corner to look through all of them. It was totally worth it. I found some beautiful pieces, especially those stork cuff links shown above. They are all available on Etsy now. Hope you enjoy! Have a good weekend everyone! xo


  1. Awesome collection, I think it is usually best to match your cufflinks with the metal on your belt or the pattern on your tie and many more styles to choose.

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  2. Nice collection of cufflinks. Wearing a cuff links
    with the suit give a eye catching look.