Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Inspiration Board

Cute Gold Papermache Bowl - Fun craft idea!

Awesome Room! - I especially love that photo!

Marc Jacobs Hobo Bag in Cement - No. 1# on my must-have list!

Hasbeen's in Blue - Want this!

More Crafts! I also just love this photo with that red nail polish :)

With all the festivities over and a new year on the horizon, I have been thinking of ways to better spend my free time. I don't have much free time but when I do I often spend it catching up on tv or movies when I would much rather be creating or crafting hence some of my inspiration images. What do you do with your free time? Hope you all have a good first week back at work or school. Don't work too hard and remember to treat yourself once in a while! xoxo

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