Monday, February 9, 2015

Conversation Starters

From the Movie "Beginners" with Ewan McGregor

I'm not someone who talks a lot but I love people who do. I tend to be surrounded by them. I think conversation is an art and I love watching the back and forths of conversations. I don't know if there is much great conversation out there but fortunately my boyfriend is an amazing conversationalist so I am always being exposed to it. I also love when people just start conversations out of the blue with strangers. 

I tend to wear at least one item that really stands out and I often get people coming up to me to compliment me and ask where I got

it from. The other day I was shoveling the snow off my car (yes literally shoveling) and this jogger ran by me and yelled "I love your coat where did you get it?" Even though this isn't really a conversation I love that clothing can be a way to start a conversation. I picked some pieces from the store to show you some of our "conversation starters."

 The Almost Famous Coat

 Pots & Scarves Kimono

 The Knight in Shinning Armor Necklace

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  1. I love this post - and these pieces!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing. (Incidentally: I find you to be a great conversationalist - perhaps you just lack the people who know how to converse with you - like me!! ;) ) XOX