Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Winter Cozy

 Cozy Winter Space.

Today, I woke up a little sad. It wasn't a depressed sadness. It was more that I woke up and realized that I deny a lot of things that I'm feeling and so I felt sad that I do that to myself. During the winter months, I love waking up cozy in my bed especially if it's just snowed. I feel so safe and cozy knowing that its so warm inside and cold outside. I don't know why its so comforting to me but it is. I know that most hate the winter but I find it's the perfect time of year. It slows everything and everyone down. I find I do the most reflecting than any of the other seasons, hence the sadness this morning. It's also the time when I look at things that are hard to look. I wonder if that's why some of us fear the winter because its hard to stop and look at things. 

Snuggle up in this Cable Knit Fisherman's Sweater from Hawk & Sparrow.

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