Monday, December 19, 2011

Inspiration Board

A whole wall of inspiration!

Cool felt soaps - I love how they are displayed here!

I don't even like these foods - I just like the layout!
These pouches are so cute and come in such a great colours!
How sweet is this arrow ring? It would make a nice Valentine's Day gift ;)

This week I finally got some rest. I have worked two weeks straight and have been going out on top of that. I am glad I will be fully rested in time for the long drive to my parent's place in Quebec. It will be so nice to be out in the country and with family. Hope you all have wonderful Holidays! xoxo

Hawk & Sparrow's Hours for the Holidays:

Monday 19 December: 12-6
Tuesday 20 December: 11-6
Wednesday 21 December: 11-6
Thursday December 22: 11-6
Friday December 23: 11-6
Saturday December 24: 11-4
Sunday December 25: CLOSED
Monday December 26: 11 - 6
Tuesday December 27: CLOSED
Wednesday December 28: CLOSED
Thursday December 29: 12-6
Friday December 30: 12-6
Saturday December 31: 12-5
Sunday January 1: CLOSED

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