Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mrs. Claus Would Approve

A Succulent Wreath. I am a big fan of succulents but can never seem to keep them alive so this wreath would be a bad idea for me. I still love it though.

I want a tree like this one for Christmas. The pine cones are so cute!

These tags satisfy my traveling junkie self and it is such a good way to reuse old maps.

How sweet is this? I always forget about advent calendars but I love the idea of getting little gifts everyday, I mean who doesn't? I would put a different piece of someone's favourite candies in each box.

This image actually inspired me to wrap all my xmas presents like this. I wasn't able to find a cool tissue paper print like this one so I settled for a turquoise and cobalt blue one. I am also a big fan of twine haha it just feels like such a handmade and back to the basics thing.

I woke up this morning feeling kind of feisty. Before the store, I went to the market and got really frustrated by people bumping into me, just one of those moods I guess. But then I saw all these old ladies dressed up in ridiculous Mrs. Claus outfits and almost laughed out loud. They brightened my mood and got me into the holiday spirit. Here are some creative festive images I stumbled upon.

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